Beijing Joint Vacuum Technology Co.,Ltd
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Manufacturer & Trading Company & Business Service
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Vacuum industrial furnace production, manufacturing, export and technical services
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JVAB series Vacuum aluminium brazing furnace; JVHB series high temperature vacuum brazing furnace., JVAF series Vacuum annealing furnace; JVTF series vacuum tempering furnace., JVGQ series high pressure vacuum gas quenching furnace; JVOQ series vacuum oil quenching furnace., JVSF series vacuum sintering furnace; JVDB series diffusion bonding vacuum furnace., JVLF series laboratory vacuum furnace.
Dongchengfang town biangezhuang industrial zone (zhuolai road)

Company Profile

COMPANY INTRODUCTIONBeijing Joint Vacuum Technology Co.,Ltd (BJVT)( a professional vacuum furnace supplier,the founders have more than fifteen years experience on the vacuum furnace’s   designing,manufacturing and sales.In line with the principle of professionalism and innovation, the founders combined with years of practice experience,the existing vacuum furnace equipment has been improved and innovated more reasonably.And strive to provide customers with a full set of complete thermal vacuum technology solutions!Until now,BJVT has gotten the ISO9001/2008 quality certification.We make our furnaces complying with different standards,for example,national standard,military standard, aviation & aerospace standard and AMS2750E. BJVT is one of the sponsors of braze welding branch of China welding association,and also,China heat treatment association, Tianjin heat treatment association member units.Our main products are vacuum heat treatment furnace, vacuum brazing furnace, vacuum sintering furnace and laboratory vacuum furnace.Parts of our furnaces have passed the CE security system certification.Now,the furnaces are running for different industries,like running in Aviation Industry Corporation of China,Ltd.,Aero Engine Corporation of China,China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation,Aisino and China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation and other large state-owned enterprises. High-quality products, timely and effective after-sales service won the approval of customers in the industry.The factory is located on Bian Ge Zhuang industry zone,Zhuozhou city,Hebei province,which is 40kms from Beijing.The factory has official building,workshop,dormitory and canteen.Meanwhile,we have professional equipment for the vacuum furnace’s production,bending machine,welding machine,water cooling system,vacuum test machine etc.All these equipment will help us for making better products.To ensure the timeliness of maintenance services,we set service branches in Wuxi,Ch...